in the near future every city will be a bedroom
backalleys will be bedsheets
streetlamps will be whispers shared.
motorcycle wheels gripping wet asphalt will be replaced by single voices
bouncing off hollow bodies
coming to rest
only upon finding the softest of spots where perpetual motion is no longer

in the near future distances will be measured in heartbeats
moments passed will be valued in breaths
finality will not be much more than empty doorways
and nightfall will be taken over
by the brightest of chatter
the noncommitment of breakfast by the kitchen counter
the wetness of lips
as they steal a kiss
off a forgotten cigarette

in the near future history books will be collections of twirling tongues and saliva drops
your voice will travel
from doorknobs to windows
from intestines to fingertips
from menstrual blood to semen scabs
the echo of your every word
will trigger my every step like a vile of blood que me acompaña
en mi cada viaje a casa
mi cada retorno a donde quiera
en donde nunca estoy

in the near future i will be dead
because only decay and demise
poseen nudillos suficientes
to perpetually grasp change

in the near future i will no longer miss you and i will no longer fear you
you will be my lover next door
and i will recognize your every inch of skin by smell alone
i will have no country
solo vecinos
i will have no flag
solo apellidos
no tendre fronteras
only personal spaces
i will have no language
sin cultura
only labios
solo garganta
opposable thumbs
y un puño entero de corazon

b.#TUS 10.04.11
d.#CJS 18.12.11

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