Arts-Based Research (#5)

Checklists are infuriating. hate them when grocery shopping, when grant writing and should have no place when conducting arts-based research.

Checklists however might sometimes be useful. Quinn & Calkin sure think so. They use Barone & Eisner’s ABER framework as such:

  • the creation of a virtual reality
  • the presence of ambiguity (while checking off a checklist?!)
  • the use of expressive language
  • the use of contextualized and vernacular language
  • the promotion of empathy
  • personal signature of the researcher/writer
  • the presence of aesthetic form

Research-based art on the other hand… useful as a concept… handles to grab a hold of a process. But

  • instead of illustrating research?
  • instead of illustrating a process?

how about RESPONDING to a process?

a process of getting lost with no checklist to find your way back:

Click to enlarge

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