Arts-Based Research (#9)

Three notions come to mind when discussing the value of visual images in research:

a neurotic monologuist discusses the possibility of losing sight in one of his eyes. a talker requires visuality as much as a painters, sculptors. research has long been considered the realm of language and semantics; the same might be said for monologues.

when I frist heard about this, I had no clue what 24 miles up meant. when I saw it, I knew exactly what 24 miles up meant.

Image source:
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Can I explain the experience of seeing Girl Talk live? Can I explain his practice as a mash-up artist? An infographic sure can.

2 thoughts on “Arts-Based Research (#9)

  1. I want to experience Girl Talk again!!! I know this has nothing to do with ABR…but it was so awesome!

    1. 😀 but it does have EVERYTHING to do with ABR! He is perhaps the greatest pop music arts-based scholar!

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