Arts Based Research (#10)

Idea for final project.

Some months ago I was part of a conference that celebrated the first 10 years of the Visual Arts program at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. My intervention was meant to be collective in nature where I invited peers and colleagues to create their own manifestos on new media art pedagogy and then present and discuss them with me and the rest of the attendees. Since the majority of us were not in Ciudad Juárez at the time of the conference we decided to present and discuss it as a Google+ hangout:

My own intervention was conceptualized around the idea of exploring new media through the glitch: the unforeseen potential hiding within new media by wielding them in ways they weren’t meant to:

Manifesto presented as part of the 10-year celebration of Visual Arts in UACJ

This seems to be the perfect jumping off point to dive into an ABER project that expands upon these very ideas.

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