Arts Based Research (#13)

Final reflection

  • Literacy of the glitch is up, live and running.
  • Recurrent questions about form have been adressed:
    • How should ABR and ABER be reported?
    • What does visuality bring to ABER?
    • How  can the potential for interaction and exploration by visitors be enticed?
  • Still lingering:
    • How can trafic/eyes/minds be driven to the site/project?
    • Is posting it and twitting it continually enough?
    • Not enough feedback to regard it as successful or failed…

Throughout the semester I kept harping on form and the whole aesthetic experience. but now that it has been set up to respond to those very concerns (literacy of the glitch, I mean) how can I ensure and entice exploration? can I? tweets about it keep getting favorited and re-tweeted by tweet followers, G+ postings get some (very few, very general) responses but nothing strong enough to provide grounds for any conclussions… there is frustration in not knowing if what has been created is good enough to create/disseminate knowledge/information/explorations… maybe the lack of knowledge points to knowledge in its own right. Still very soon to know for sure.

The possibility to conduct ABR may not be enough, avenues/channels must be present for it to reach audiences… they exist,

  • how to get to them?
  • do we need more of them?
  • more open?
  • more institutions invested in them?
  • less institutional?

Nothing conclusive, only suggestions through questions. Doesn’t that characterize ABR in many ways?

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