#Postmobility: A multimodal poem in 8 #AnimatedGIFs

[Click GIFs to enlarge and experience]

I remember once hearing a podcast with Fiona Apple in which she claimed that as a child she wanted to be a philosopher because as far as she knew all philosophers did was come up with clever slogans and truisms like “I think therefore I am” and “God is dead”. At some point she realized that these bumper sticker quotes were only the tip of the iceberg and entire bodies of frozen thought floated beneath the surface, sustaining the claims and extrapolating entire systems of understanding from them.

#Postmobility is a tip of ice floating along the ocean, hoping to find a mountain of frozen water to call its own. Alas, the lifespan of ice in a world of posts is nothing much to write home about; maybe just a quick post and a short animated loop, but surely not much more than that. Quickly there after, #Postmobility melts away.

A través de #Postmobility intento darle sentido a un puñado de imagenes generadas entre el 2011 y el 2014 en los que me he convertí en un individuo transplantado (nunca me atreví a identificarme como migrante) de la supuesta ciudad mas peligrosa del mundo al supuesto estado mas racista del supuesto país mas poderoso del mundo. El material visual responde a situaciones tan variadas como una tele-conferencia entre Tucson, AZ y Monterrey N.L.; el acto de tatuar las luces de Cd. Juárez y El Paso vistas desde el espacio y abstraidas beyond recognition; two billboards that stand back to back one selling the promise of everlasting life, the other selling the promise of protecting esta vida a mano armada; a virtual hike along una frontera virtual y hasta donde entiendo arbitraria entre Tucson y la ciudad de Tucson del Sur.

En #Postmobility hay intenciones but very little in the form of realizations. There is a sense of a new way of engaging the reality que conlleva una vida como transplantado temporal with both feet firmly planted en dos ciudades diferentes con 350 millas y una frontera internacional de por medio. But truly, #Postmobility is just an excuse and an instrument to remain nowhere and still claim que formo parte de una comunidad antinacional made up entirely of declarative statements and  meaningless actions that repeat themselves sin cansancio aún y cuando nadie este viendo. En #Postmobility hay la promesa de lo que viene después de la movilidad; maybe stagnation o tal vez una estrategia para trascender necesidades como la necesidad de abandonar espacios propios y favorecer búsquedas que inevitablemente culminan en la ocupación de un nuevo espacio previamente ocupado por algún otro.

Sin embargo, al final de cuentas #Postmobility is but a series of eight animated GIFs.

All images are real in the sense that they all exist as a collection of documented moments in time–even if only digital in nature.

All statements are true in the sense that they all exist as a collection of words that designate very specific thought proceses and notions of reality.

Todo el material es ficción en el sentido de que #Postmobility existe solamente como un conjunto de elementos que han sido mediados.

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