Arts-Based Research (#8)

Relational Aesthetics [0f_d4t4_5t0r4g3]

This is a picture taken from this article, which was first taken from this other article.

it is an embodiment of ‘the cloud’. that amorphous, ethereal space where applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter exist while making data available to every user with the right password. there is nothing amorphous or ethereal about a warehouse filled with the glow of hardrives running perpetually with a security officer looking over the stored information.

its aesthetics are quite relational  in nature though; existing out of necessity due to a world-wide community of users constantly sharing data. this is the experience of online communities stripped to the very core.

a warehouse.

the glow of harddrives.

a security officer.

each of the subsequent images were created by converting the above picture into a .txt file and randomly inserting the phrase “RELATIONALAESTHETICS” within their alphanumeric information.

PDF of the altered image as a .txt file: Datacenter Times-copy

PDF of the altered image as a .txt file: Datacenter Times copy 2

PDF of the altered image as a .txt file: Datacenter Times copy 3

And now as the required Animated GIF

Click to enlarge

One thought on “Arts-Based Research (#8)

  1. This grounded my idea of the cloud. The purple shifted smoothly, but the security guard, the hard angles, etc. made me wake up. I hadn’t thought through what changing the code (in the images?) would do. It’s got potential.

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